- Ćao.
- Hej.
- Šta ima?
- Nema ništa, kod tebe?
- Evo, do maloprije sam skupljao hrabrosti da ti se javim.
- Hrabrosti? A daj, zar sam toliko strašna?
- Ako to strašna znači lijepa, da. Dino Ahmetović (via dino-ahmetovic)

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Onaj osjećaj kad ti se nakupi gradivo pa ne znaš hoćeš li prije uzeti knjigu ili pištolj. Mrtav si u svakom slučaju. Dino Ahmetović (via dino-ahmetovic)

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Najviše volim učiti u krevetu. Pročitam jednu rečenicu… I odmah se okrenem i zaspim. Dino Ahmetović (via dino-ahmetovic)

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Want more relatable?
Have you ever lost someone you love and wanted one more conversation, one more chance to make up for the time when you thought they would be here forever? If so, then you know you can go your whole life collecting days, and none will outweigh the one you wish you had back. Mitch Albom (via realizes)
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My older brother received a call at two pm on a Thursday,
That his roommate from college
And best friend from high school;
Overdosed and died,
Last Wednesday night.

My brother is 25 years old.
He missed three days of work, sat at home in the dark,
And cried for the first time in six months.
This is not poetry.

My father is very, very sick.
He sleeps for seven hours,
To build up a half hour of strength,
Just so he can pick me up from school.
He hasn’t been well in over a year.
And still,
He prays every night, “Thank you God, for making this happen to me, and not my children.”

I am swallowed in fear,
That soon enough, he will go to bed,
And never wake up.
This is not poetry.

There are thousands of people,
fighting cancer,
and war,
and death,
just to have one more day,
In hopes that it will get better.

And still,
You people glorify sadness,
and long for your death,
because apparently life,
is just too much of a burden.
Wake up, your ignorance is sickening.
Your life is thousands of times more beautiful,
Than your death will be.

For My Father, S.Skavdahl (via stoneyxochi)

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This is so me and my friends don’t even see it… Poor them.